Etta Mae is One Month Old

i remember reaching this point with eden and being flabbergasted that an entire month had already gone by.  but somehow this time around i can't believe its only been one month. when i think of how natural it feels to have etta mae in our family, and how easily she fits right in, i can't believe she's only been out here for a month!  and when i think of the time before she was born, it seems like ages ago.  so far in the distance. and almost foreign now. 
so we have reached a month, and it feels like so much longer.  in a good way

a few things...

on sleep: etta mae has only ever woken once a night to feed (with an 11 o clock feed before i go to bed).  it has ranged from the 2:30-3:30 hour and sometimes even come closer to the 5:00 hour.  on the whole, she is a great sleeper at night, but i am ready for her to get some consistent 5 hour stretches.  hopefully by the time i report back after the end of month two, she will be sleeping through the night with no problem!  
on her personality:  she is super chill and also very intense.  she stares and stares at whoever is closest to her.  and she always looks like she is about to say something; her little mouth open and poised to chat.  she is always content unless she is really really hungry or she has gas.  other than that, she is just happy to be doing..whatever.  

on sisters:  eden adores etta mae and wants to help as much as she can.  when etta mae cries, eden goes running yelling 'dont worry etta, im coming, im your big sister'.  she wants to change her diapers and hold her and snuggle her.  its incredibly sweet.  there are a few moments where i see eden frustrated at my preoccupation with the baby, but those moments are few and far between.  and short lived.
on being four of us:  we are figuring out our new rythm as a family of four.  robert is a terrific dad of two.  he so endearingly loves to hold the baby and snuggle her.  i often find him sitting with her on his lap or chest.  its incredibly satisfying to have him come home from work and give such attention to all his women.  
one month, so far, so good