let's do this

im full term now which feels like a big accomplishment after how sick i have been.  i am still sick by the way, and have not kept dinner down in 5 or 6 nights.  little lady is 'locked and loaded' with her head down and is sitting very very low, which is why i cant lift my legs.  the pressure.  i can't even. 
people keep asking how i am and i think the honest answer is ready.  there is some anxiety surrounding what the transition to a mom of 'kids' will be like, but mostly i am just really ready to start figuring it out.  i have been wondering what it will be like, wondering how eden will do, wondering about all of it.  and now i just want to get to it and start figuring it out. i think its going to be great (and crazy and really hard)  but i am honestly really excited.  and im even starting to anticipate L & D, even though its also really intimidating to me.  

my sister had her little boy, clive, last week, so now it officially feels like my turn.  this is from our last few days with both babes still in the bumps
and here is the little man himself
here go the last few weeks!