baby two, month nine

hello there, me here.  me and my nine month bump.  its really more than a bump though at this point, its like a giant entity all its own.  my due date is just over a week out, so im more than ready to get my game on.  i was a few days early with eden and i am hoping for more of the same with this little lady. 
i find myself trying to remember what early labor felt like last time and i just can't.  i had about 5 hours of non-active labor last time around, where i just drank wine, watched movies, and hung out with robert.  it did not get real until about hour 6, when i had to focus and could not talk through contractions.  will i have that much time this go around?  and honestly i cant remember what the contractions felt like.  i have had several rounds of pre-labor contractions this time but they feel more intense than i remember early labor feeling last time.  i guess i am just anticipating this new birth story, i want to know it.  i want to know her story now. 
eden is very very aware of her little sister's exisence.  over the weekend we were watching mary poppins and eden looked at me so sincerely and said 'i wish baby ____ could come out and watch this great movie too'.  it just melted me that she looked around and thought that the moment would be better if sister were there.  and this morning she put her head on my belly and said 'mommy ima take so so care of my sister'.  
things im most looking forward to about my own body: 
~being able to get up without help, which i literally cannot do at this point.  
~being able to put my pants on without having to sit down.
~being able to put shoes on without tricking eden into thinking that its a fun game to help mama put them on
~anticipating food, eating it, and then NOT throwing part of it up.

things im most looking forward to about HER:
~seeing her face for the first time.  i just have no idea how she will look.
~the smell, that baby smell, that makes the whole world stop.  uggg i want it
~snuggles, breastfeeding, and learning who in the world my dear daughter is.  

get on out here duck!