the need to nest

so i have been feeling antsy lately.  im sure there are lots of reasons for this. the RLS is a big one since it actually makes me feel like i have ants crawling up and down my limbs.  but i think another contributing factor has been that i dont have a room for little girl.  she will share with eden eventually, but not while we are still in our current house.  so for the first three months of her life she will be in our room, and there is no where for me to set up a crib and prepare for her.  and i think its been making me uneasy not to have anything set up for her, or ready.  a place that is only for her.

so, this past weekend i decided that she would have a nook in our room, decorated and ready for her.  not just a bassinet, but a little place that is only for her.  let me tell you, it did my mind a world of good to prepare and fuss over a little corner of the world reserved for this little girl.  simple, but perfect for us.  made personal with a lovely print on the wall by my dearest greta and a handmade blanket in the bassinet by the lovely marla.  


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