eden at 2.5

my little goose is two and a half.  how in the world did we get here?
these days eden is just incredibly sweet and affectionate.  she learns at a rate of 100mph and has my head spinning daily at the things that she understands.  its incredible to me how she learns and remembers songs.  she can name songs after hearing the first few bars of music and recalls lyrics with ease.  i have to say, this is totally me.  my whole life i have been able to memorize music very easily (unfortunately this never did extend to anything useful like academia).  she requests music from her favorite musical or from the nutcracker and dances and sings for what seems like unending amounts of time. 
i am really enjoying pal-ing around with her.  she is so friendly (sometimes too friendly i.e. hugging strangers) and enjoyable and i love taking her in public and watching how people respond to her.  she spreads joy wherever she goes.  many people who work at trader joe's know her name because of our weekly visits, and greet her as soon as we arrive. she also, amazingly, wakes up ridiculously happy most mornings.  she is smiling and asking to snuggle or be with me all day.  she is just such a happy kid and i never get tired of her delightful and sunny self.  i do, of course, get tired of the less enjoyable parts of her, but lets not focus on those shall we?   
i started keeping a book in the kitchen, as i had resolved, so that i can jot down things eden says and does before i forget (which happens alarmingly and disconcertingly quickly). here are a few of my favorites lately...   

-eden was afraid at night so I told her to pray or sing to God if she was.  I heard her singing the doxology to herself in the late evening.

-eden what do you think your little sister will look like? 'umm, olaf'

-eden asks which song is playing in the car.  if I say i don't know, she responds 'ok, lets listen'

-any time I ask her why she has done a specific thing, she responds 'because I love you'. even when i am asking her something like 'why are you tearing up your napkin?'

eden - "daddy, tell me you love me" 
robert - "i love you"
eden - "no, not like that.  tell me i love you eden"
robert - "i love you eden"
eden -'yeah'

eden - "mommy I need to tell you something"
me: "whats that?"
eden- "I need a tell you i love you"
me- "i love you too honey'
eden- "no mommy, i not tell you yet....i love you"

-she asks me to pray with her and she mumbles along with me while i pray.  sometimes there are real words, but other times she is just making noise along with me.  

-she loves to pretend to be animals, but her animal of choice changes more quickly than i can keep track of.  goose, little kitty cat, eden llama.  


  1. I love these photos of her! She really is such a joy and light everywhere she goes..


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