my toddler has gone and a little lady has taken her place

eden has transformed, almost overnight, from a toddler into a little lady. her vocabulary is constantly staggering me, not because she is so advanced, but because things that i had no idea she heard are being heard, and processed, and incorporated.  and its really incredible. 
and not only is she speaking and understanding at a level totally new to me, she is also in this season of being incredibly affectionate.  during my christmas break, which was 16 days of being with her, she would hug and kiss me and tell me she loved me literally all the live long day. she tells me she misses me if i leave the room for a moment; 'mommy i mits to you today, i lub you today'.  and she wants me to hold her and sit with her and be near her. its so endearing as my heart is in a delicate phase where i am growing in excitement and anticipation of baby #2 while feeling ever so sorrowful that the days of eden being my one and only are going to come quickly to a close.  its like she knows i need the extra love from her, and she joyfully obliges. 

i have resolved to keep a notebook in the kitchen so that i can always jot down the ridiculous things she says and does.  i always think i will remember them, and then i never do.  lately a few of my favorites have been  

when robert did something amusing 'daddy, you so a silly guy'

when eden did something that made me laugh out loud 'mamma, i so weirdo'

she loves to get in bed with me and snuggle really close and say 'oh wee so cozy now'. 

when she is trying hard to accomplish a task, like putting on her shoe, and then she finally gets it; 'heee we go, i got it'. 

the time she had me get into the boat with her, on the couch, and drive to chipotle.  we then got out, sat down, ate quesadillas and drank chocolate milk, and then got back in the boat to drive to, you guessed it, another chipotle.  we did this seven times.  

how quickly and readily she obeys me.  when i ask her to do something she, 90% of the time, hops right to it happily and with some funny remarks about something or other.  im not sure how long it will last, but goodness this pregnant and tired mama loves it.  

how adventurous she is.  we tried ice skating over break and, even though she had moments of not loving it, she mostly really enjoyed it.  she still talks about it and how brave she was and how she kept saying 'wooooaaaaahhh'. i think the two of us trying something new together is my absolute favorite.
she talks on her hand phone alot these days.  the conversations always include long pauses interrupted by 'umm, no' and some quick bable. for some reasons her pretend conversations are mostly made up of pretend words, not sure why.  she also asks me to be quiet when she is on the phone and puts up a finger saying 'one second mama, i almost finished'.  its kills me   

eden dear i just adore you 


  1. Oh gosh this post had me giggling and laughing out loud...I so adore her too!!!!


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