baby two, month six

well here we are in the new year, and just a few months away from the due date of baby girl number two.  im feeling pretty great, as long as i take my anti-nausea meds.  i forgot to take them one day recently and threw up all day long.  which blows my mind.  if i did not have these meds, i would still be sick like that.  what a sad, sad thought.  and how thankful i am that i DO have them.  my energy is at a pretty good level most days, at least better than the tired in your bones thing that i felt all through the first 20 weeks.  

this lady moves alot, just like her sister.  i am clinging to the hope that perhaps this one will be slightly more chill than eden.  dont get me wrong, i would take an exact duplicate of eden any day.  but i would also love a baby that just went with the flow a bit and had more of her father's calm and quiet personality instead of her mother's gregarious gift for gab and constant activity.    
i also am to the point where peeing is pretty much a non-stop activity.  i literally walk to the bathroom, pee, and then on the way out im like 'eh i kinda have to pee again, already'. between trying to stay super hydrated and having a bladder that wont do anything BUT quit on me...its pretty much guaranteed that if you can't find me, im in the bathroom.  

also, just for posterity's sake, other symptoms:

-kicks that wake me up at night
-cramps that wake me up at night
-a really full feeling in my belly alot.  
-lots of braxton hicks contractions 
-a belly that is officially really here (feels like it took a while this time around)
-lower back pain that i did not have last time but that is really really helped by my fantastic chiropractor 
-feeling like i need to hold my belly up to keep it from dropping.  like all my insides remember the whole process of expelling the baby and are ready to do that, again. 
-round ligament pain when i walk for a few minutes, which happens cause i walk to and from work each day over a mile round trip.  
we thought we had a name all figured out but it turns out, we didnt.  so we seem to be circling around a few right now that we both like, but unable to come to a final decision.  i hope robert gives in to my preferences, i know he hopes i give in to his.  i am anxious to get a name settled on because it makes everything more real to me and im a planner to boot. robert does not seem to have the same sense of urgency to get a name figured out so.  we will see.

just about three months left! 


  1. Hi Laura! I'm so glad I found your blog. Congratulations on Agaba Baby #2! Lots of love, The Beichler family


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