baby two, month five

here we are, almost at Christmas, and at just about five months of pregnancy with my second daughter.  at five months i am feeling much much better than i was in my early pregnancy, but i still think that is due to the meds i am on.  if i forget to take them i still get pretty sick.  i am hoping that ill be able to stop soon.  this little one moves alot, though i dont think she is quite as active as eden was.  its hard to say since i noticed her movements so much earlier than i did eden's, but to my memory, she seems a little more chill.  which might be nice because...have you met eden?  that girl is 100%, 100% of the time.  whew. although i would not trade my crazy energetic little 2 year old ball of life for anything in the world.  when we went to do the 20 week ultrasound little lady had her face into toward my pelvis, so we did not get any good headshots and i still have not even the faintest idea what she looks like. 
i am getting more and more excited to meet this little girl.  a similar thing happened once i found out that eden was a girl.  its like once i knew the gender i started to picture her and imagine a little girl nursery with sisters in it.  what will she look like?  WHO will she resemble?  will she be darker than eden, lighter than her, the same?  one thing i know for sure, she cant possibly be louder or more outgoing than eden, so that makes me breathe easy.  eden is takes talking and noise making to the max.  

speaking of eden, she named her little sister recently.  she must have heard us discussing options (mind blown that she is listening and understanding our adult conversations and also, note to self, she is listening and understanding adult conversations...) and must have chosen it in her mind because, the next day, she came up to my belly and said hi baby " " and called the baby by name.  robert and i just looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and were like, alllllright.  so unless something drastically changes, baby sister has a name chosen by big sister.  fun! 

there are so many unknowns between now and then.  when and how will she arrive?  where will we be living?  who will be living with us?  the list goes on.  but there is one thing i know for sure; the three of us are more than ready to become the four of us.