when we found out about you, number two

i really really wanted to be pregnant.  each day ticked by slowly as i approached the days where i could likely get an accurate test result.  i carefully abstained from drinking and anxiously bought a three pack of tests, sure that i would only use one.  however, after taking one test and getting a positive, i was just too giddy to keep from taking the other two on the next two subsequent days.  there is something so thrilling about watching that second little pink line turn up, however faint, and i needed that rush over and over again.  

when i told eden that mama had a baby in her belly, she was delighted momentarily before she pulled up her own shirt and informed me that she also had a baby in her belly.  
when robert came home from work i told him that i needed to chat with him about some scheduling things (which is always his LEAST favorite topic, especially when he just walked through the door) and then i asked him if he was available on april 28th.  he immediately caught on to my announcement, and there we were, realizing together that 3 was going to become 4.  wow. 

we have no idea what to expect.  we are nervous, excited, scared and thrilled down to our toes.  i think i tend more toward excited and robert is leaning a bit toward nervous.  but dont worry, by the time you are here, we will be ready.
see you in about 6 months number two.