we wanted one more, so three became four

its been pretty quiet around this blog for the last month or so, and with good reason. i have had my hands full as of late.  i have been busy potty training a toddler, with great success, to my surprise.  i have been re-evaluating nearly everything i do with eden to make sure that it passes through Gospel scrutiny.  eden has had me working overtime, without any pay raise at that.

but i have more pressing excuses.  i have primarily been too busy trying to stay both nourished and awake.  i have been too preoccupied with making sure i get to the toilet in time so that i dont scar my toddler with having to watch mommy puke all over the kitchen.  i have been worrying about making sure i eat enough to keep at least one vitamin down every day. and ive been dreaming of this new little baby, who is already reminding me that motherhood is, from the first to the last, about self-sacrifice.  most days i have been surviving on my morning protein shake (more on that later) and hoping that some sort of solid food will stick to me during the day.  
when eden went with me to the ultrasound, her little mind was blown.  she sat there, turning her eyes back and forth from the machine on my belly to the flat screen with the picture projected on it.  she was giggling and saying 'that's mamas beebe on teebee'.  the ultrasound tech gave her a copy of the photo and she showed every single human between the clinic and the car.  it was so exciting to share it with her.  i hope i can take her to a few more of my appointments. 
im about 3 months pregnant now, and one of my dearest friends christine snapped a few pics for us to capture our excitement as we get started on this journey! 
im sure i will have much more to say about how im doing physically, later, but for now lets just say...
team agaba is excited to announce our newest member.  
expected at the end of april.  
and making me incredibly sick in the mean time 


  1. ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! i just can't wait to meet your beautiful child! my heart danced hearing how Eden reacted at the ultrasound, because I can just imagine how special and sweet that was. love you guys so much!!!


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