eden these days

there are moments every once in a while that take me totally by surprise.  moments in which i realize that the baby i used to have turned into a toddler, and that toddler is now a little girl. i know this conceptually in my head, but in the last few weeks eden's vocabulary and personality have come out in such ways that leave me no doubt as to the current status of my child.   

i find her doing the most darling things all by herself and i get my breath all caught in my chest trying to peak in on her without disturbing the magic.  this weekend i found her dancing on a bed, singing let if go to the best of her abilities and making wild arm gestures. when she saw me watching her, she quickly sat down and started giggling, like she knew it was embarrassing.

i hear her in her room telling her stuffed animals not to poop on the bed, but to use the potty like a big kid

i wake up on the weekends to her singing in her bed.  sometimes its a nonsense song, but sometimes its one of the ones i made up for her and its just the most precious thing to hear her sing a song i wrote for her

every time we snuggle in the chair in her room, she wants to bring the whole crew.  as of late this is big bunny, little bunny, go duke bear and ninziza doll.  and her blanket.  and her. its a heap 

she asks for things in whole sentences 

she says 'i lub you toooooooo' 

she has also spit out a few phrases lately that have me...worried 
for example:

me:  eden you must be patient and kind.   and you must obey my words
eden: but, mama, i dont want to, i want to be bad.  

me:  eden you may not throw your  (toy, food, cousin) on the floor like that
eden: mama, are you kidding me?

this girl keeps me on my toes.  she is enough to make me want to pull my hair out, and enough to make me want to hold on to her and never ever let go.  


  1. hahahhah "mama are you kidding me?" oh dear...

    she is amazing, laura!!


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