how big you are, my dear

eden is two now and, even though im not sure how it happened or why a flip just switched, it did. and she grew the heck up.
conversation at the dinner table the other night:

eden: 'kiwi, how ba day?'

karen: ' my day was good eden'
eden: 'k. jew, how ba day?'
joel: my day was good eden'
eden: 'k'.
karen: 'what did you do today eden?'
eden: 'i go rwana'
karen: 'oh you went to rwanda?  big trip for one day'

as we are leaving the house almost every morning: 

jesse: 'bye eden, have a good day'

eden: 'bye bye, haba day, see you later, i mits you'

she is constructing whole sentences, that are grammatically correct, and make sense.  this morning she heard some music in the car and started playing an imaginary violin, saying 'biolee, biolee'.  a book of hers has a cat playing a violin (fiddle?) on it, and i have never even told her it makes music.  i guess she saw that book, saw mimi playing at church a time or two, and figured it out.  mind blown.

she loves when things match or are the same.  our earrings, necklaces, clothes.  she loves to find two similar things and point out that they are the same.  she loves to play her matching game, which she does perfectly every time.  

she can climb out of her crib now, but has only done it when we ask her to show us that she can.  we are going to take off the side of the bed this weekend and let her take a swing at sleeping in a big girl bed.  any advice there?  she needs to learn how to do this sooner or later, so we might as well give it a try now yes?

also going to attempt to take a big bite out of potty training this weekend, since its a 3 day weekend.  if you want to hang out at all this weekend, sorry.  it will be naked eden, the potty, tons of fluids and some potty treats.  thats all i have on my brain for day time activities this weekend.  thrilling, i know.  

she is also learning to manipulate, or at least try.  when she knows some discipline is coming, she acts incredibly sweet and wants to snuggle.  when its time to go to bed, she wants to be a kitty cat, her spirit animal of choice, and slowly meow her way over to me. when its time to get ready in the morning she wants to go say hi to all her doll house people first.  its a full time job to intercept her attempts to manipulate and keep her on course.  im like seriously?  you are really thinking this through, which is crazy.

its an exciting ride, this 2 year old age.  and never a dull moment 



  1. She is such a little person now, I can't wait to see how she keeps growing over this next year!


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