Windmills and Walking

July 9: Today started off very slowly since i had spent much of the night awake.  After the kids all woke we had a very typical German breakfast of rolls with various cheese and meat spreads, salami, fruit, eggs and coffee.   The first meal of the day is such a substantial one here.  Then Katha and I piled the kids into the car to visit a little park with animals like goats and cows, a farm like feel with wild boars and bunnies and deer. Olivia wanted to hold Eden's hand the whole time and treats her like a baby chicken.  At one point she asked Katha why Eden is so dark. Katha told her it's because God is so creative and makes beautiful things.  That seemed a perfectly sensible explanation to Olivia.   
Eden pointing to windmills in the distance 

We did not stay long at the park because Anton brushed his leg against a very angry plant that makes your skin burn.  This petty much ended the frolicking, as the poor guy's leg got red and swollen very quickly.  On the way home Eden discovered the name for windmill, which she saw in every direction, and from that point on she was requesting a 'ween mo' every minute or so.  

Kids had naps, and then we took a walk around the village to the local playground.  It's a lovely little village where they live, so quiet and clean.  After the walk we took the kids home and had some delicious supper.  Kids went down and the three of us drank wine and talked until way too late, planning our trip to the Dutch countryside and Amsterdam next week.  Eden was up again in the night but we both slept better than we had the night before.