Our big adventure

July 7-8: Eden and I left Robert standing at the point where only ticketed passengers could continue. I felt like crying, of course, but instead only allowed a few swift tears to escape before putting on my brave face for my incredibly sensitive toddler and continuing toward security.  The excitement of the trip was muted by the reality that Robert was not coming with us, but, aware that any moping would only serve to make the task more daunting, I just decided to be excited. I kept telling Eden that this is our big adventure.  And it is.
The delightful man who checked our bags tagged Eden as both 'priority' and a 'heavy load' and she wore her bracelets proudly. We made our way to our gate, Eden exclaiming loudly over every.single.thing and found some quick supper before boarding early.  A note on this, any airline that doesnt allow parents with young children to board first is just plain out of it. KLM is with it.  We found our seats and I let out a sigh of relief as the boarding gate closed and no one had sat down in the empty seat beside us.  We only purchased one seat but the second was well used and a huge gift. Eden fell asleep fairly quickly and slept ( read: kicked, punched, and invaded my space) for the whole flight.  At one point she woke up, pointed to my neck pillow, and said 'that'. I handed it to her, she put it on, giggled, and went back to sleep.  ( Read:  I did not sleep and instead watched Cinderella, Avitar, and Insurgence) When she did wake she was delightful and excited by everything she saw. 

We arrived in Amsterdam at around nine local time and I maneuvered the stroller through the the airport to immigration, baggage claim and the customs.  At one point I was pushing a heavy laden baggage cart with one hand and pulling the stroller with the other. Thankfully a lovely Dutch gentleman helped me through customs and to our dear Uncle Hardy who was beaming with anticipation just through the door. 

Note: it's 3:06 am right now. Eden is sleeping thank God and Arbonne Sleep Well spray. 

We stopped in the rest room, which Hardy had to help me access because it was a sliding door that was triggered by motion. I found myself waiving my hands around a lot in the bathroom, unable to determine what was automatic and what was not, and completely unassisted by the signs in Dutch. 

Our drive to Germany was about 2.5 hours, most of which was spent catching up, some of which was spent sleeping.  When we arrived to Katha and the kids, I felt that all was right with myself. Being around Katha is like having some soothing song playing that makes you relax and feel totally comfortable.  We spent the day sleeping, eating and trying to figure out where we are and what time it is. 

For the record, it's 3:14.  


  1. I love this update!! I can imagine how fascinated Eden was about everything and how fun it must be to watch her take it in...you're doing so great laura!


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