Hamburg here we come

July 10 
Today we were up early to get in the car and on the road to Hamburg.  The four and a half hour trip took us closer to six as we drove through picturesque German countryside.  Of course the trip was set to a soundtrack of Eden's excited 'weeen mo' as we passed hundreds of windmills. Horses dot much of the landscape which also thrills Eden. Along the Autobahn we drive between 90-100 miles per hour and are still passed by many cars. The rest areas are amazing little cafe like locations that feel like eating in an IKEA.

We finally arrived, though every detour and closed road on the way tried to prevent us, at about two o clock in the afternoon.  It was wonderful to be reunited with dear RVA friends who have been in Hamburg for the last year and a half.  Eden seemed to remember Brandon quickly. Meeting baby Amory brought quick tears to my eyes. It's an incredible thing when you have done life with people and shared faith and you get to watch their family grow. Eden kept asking to hold him. We obliged.

We finished off the evening with a walk around the neighborhood, a look at a really cool creative community arts collective, and some dinner at home. It's light until so late, it was 10:30 before we knew it was 9:00.