A humbling visit

July 18

This morning Eden and I snuggled in our room for a bit before going out to the family. She seems so much older to me this week.  Perhaps the greatness of this trip has somehow made her less of a baby.  She played with my hair and requested songs by name and giggled when I asked for some isukari, which is sugar that she has behind her ears. 

We ate our breakfast outside under a canopy with Sianna and then got ready to go visit the family of one of my all time favorite students, Sharon.  The family has ways been incredibly generous and gracious to me, though they have always had little.  Eden and I had Fanta and omelette with them.  Eden played soccer and bottle caps with the kids (the family has 8 total) while I visited with Sharon and her mother. Upon leaving the mom gave me a fold of gorgeous fabric that I know cost her dearly.  I was unable to hold back my tears, as I was so humbled and so thankful.  Life here is so hard and I could not help but ask why I was born to a family like mine in a country like America when these children will struggle their whole lives for survival. 

Eden and I stopped back at the market to get more fabric and she made friends with one of the vendors. Lilyose decided she likes Isimbi so much that she would make her shoes as a gift. We will collect them on Wednesday. 

After naps all the girls went to the fanciest hotel in town to swim.  We had a lovely afternoon and, since my brother in law is the attorney general in Rwanda, I got a free pass!  Perks.  We enjoyed Fanta and hot chips before leaving. 

Before supper the girls ran around playing soccer in the yard and Eden joined happily.  She really fits well with her cousins and they are so sweet to her.   She could totally do life here. She is doing a great job with the language even after a few days and says her own versions of murakoze, muraho and amatunda.  She understands more and more directions in Kinyarwanda