a backyard, some brunch, and some babies

a few weeks ago, in order to properly kick off summer, we did a brunch thing where you bring you baby in a bathing suit and you bring some brunch food and you just relax while the kids (and dogs) run around and eat all the food cause its at eye level but you don't care cause you are too laid back.  because summer.  
in the five years that we have lived in richmond we have built this little community, not all represented in these photos, that really hold us together as a family.  and doing life is this partnership that we all participate in together.  its messy and busy and hectic, but the alternative is solitude and too much time for my sins to grow and fester without the correction that comes, both verbally and though example, from the people doing their lives in very close proximity to mine.  
events like this are not full of theological discussion or confession of sins.  but they give us a chance to live life in front of each other and witness the good, bad and ugly that make up each of our day-in-and-day-out journeys in marriage or parenthood or even just in living according to the Gospel. 

those who grow alone grow weird.  so i grow with these folks.