Eden Says

life, people.  life.  its crazy and busy and time consuming and ALL consuming.  but im here now, for at least a few minutes. 
in the last few weeks eden has changed and grown so much that i continually find myself shaking my head in dismay when something she does or says just catches me totally off guard.  sometimes she will say something and, when i hear it, i realize that its not something i taught her, or even something that i said.  its allll her, picking up on bits of seemingly unimportant interactions between this person and that one, quietly internalizing it, and then astounding me when she spits it back out with her own twist.

she loves picking dandelions and then brushing off all the little bits.  she can't blow hard enough to do anything, but she tries.  and its cute  
these days when she wants me to hold her, she puts her arms out in this crooked and funny little way and mutters 'mama preese hoed du'.  i mean come on now, give a mother a chance.  how in the world do i say no to a curly haired mess of a child pleading from her crib at 5am that SHE wants to hold ME.  i can't even resist.  i do, because 5 am.  but i can't.

she also has an obsession with cheers-ing ev.er.y.thing these days.  she wants to cheers our dinner plates, our shoes, the buttons on our shirts, toothbrushes, vacuums (she with her little one and me with my big one).  i am not sure why she thinks its a thing to do with anything other than cups, but she just digs it. cheers

she got a 'reminder' recently for coloring on the wall at gramma and papa's house.  she really took it to heart because now she frequently runs up to walls and points, shaking her head, 'no cuyah'.  she also does that on books and clothes and anything that is not her paper.  the other day i was wearing a shirt that had speckled color designs on it.  she gave me the saddest face and pointed to my shirt 'no cuyah mommy', girl nearly cried about it.  and if she sees a scuff mark on the ground or a skid mark on the road, 'oh noooo mommy, no cuyah' is all i hear on repeat until i calm her down and tell her its ok, and that i know she didn't color on the road.  
and she loves her Bible.  she knows a few stories in there and opens up to them every time.  she flips to adam and eve and the serpent and yells 'no no no nake' while frowning profusely.  she opes to goliath and yells 'no no guyth' followed by more frowns.  then on to the lions in the lions den, where she growls and makes little biting motions.  apparently he Bible is just a book of bad and scary things.  i am trying to teach her Jesus.  but she is just learning 'no no snake'.  which i guess also works for the moment.