please remember not to forget (part 5)

moments go by so quickly, at a pace that leaves me winded at the end of the week if i have not had a chance to stop and reflect.  im resolved to do just that, and this is issue five of my notes on what to remember.

we had many snow days this winter and one of them afforded us the opportunity to stay in bed extra long in the morning and let eden sleep on us.  it reminded me of when she was so so little and she would sleep through anything.  we were so delighted for these few moments with her.  it felt a little like we were playing a trick on time and the forces that are making her grow so much faster than seems possible.  
she loves to have a napkin and wipe her mouth and hands repeatedly during her meal.  she pats it around her lips like a little lady and then smiles at me contentedly.  

she say ' peese outside' for the window to be rolled down when we are driving in the car

she whispers when we go up stairs because in her world, her baby is always asleep up there.

she requests shake it off  'ek a off' every.single.time we are in the car together.  oh sometimes she changes it up and also requests let it go 'eh e go'.  i am sure there are other songs in the world, i just dont remember any of them.  

she tells godrick to 'go go go' when he is trying to eat her food

she loves to somersault and jump and dance
she loves to put on her coat

she loves to pick up anything and everything and say her version of 'and whats this?', which i cant even attempt to spell phonetically.

she is also obsessed with throwing things away.  she will find a piece of fluff on the floor, pick it up, and start repeating 'gaba' (garbage) until i give her the go ahead to throw it away.

she quacks when she sees a photo or image of a duck, she loves the wooden animals in her puzzle and she carries the goat in her hand mumbling 'goap, goap, goap'

she calls evelyn 'eya' and simone 'moaaaan'
when she is trying to accomplish a task and then is successful, she exclaims 'i dod it' ( i got it)

she is really able to listen to and follow detailed instructions, although she is not always willing to listen and follow detailed instructions.  two very different things, let me tell you

she loves carrying bags in the crook of her arm with necklaces or socks in them

she loves socks.  she loves to find them and then put them on her hands.  weirdo.

she loves my hair, she loves brushing it and calling it 'hay'
none of these things in and of itself make up who she is, but all together they are a record of how she is growing and learning and changing my world.