sweet snowy days

this week we got some snow days, some legitimate, 8 inch, stay for a few days, freezing cold weather snow days.  monday was a holiday and then tuesday and wednesday were darling stolen days spent frolicking in the snow, sipping hot chocolate, and having my baby 1.5 year old nap on me.  
the girls could not wait to get outside.  
notice simone in the background having an adventure all her own.  
i dont have any snow pants for eden so, gallon bags and duct tape it was.  
it worked pretty well for keeping snow out, but terrible traction.

she loved it until she was so cold that the snot was freezing on her upper-lip

ian made maple syrup snow for the girls.  that went over splendidly.  
sweet, cold, syrupy goodness?  yes please.   
taking an apple break with bestie 

we also really enjoyed hanging out at my alma-mater, university of richmond, on wednesday.  the campus is gorgeous in every season and it looks especially magical when covered in a good dose of snow.  we met up with one of my favorite young ladies and ate at the dining hall.  eden then proceeded to walk around in the snow, smile at everyone, and generally make people's days.  i love the way that she makes other people smile.  i always prayed for a child that would bring joy to people, and man she does that in spades. 

  i love the spring, and i can't wait for it to get here.  but we never get any school cancelled cause its too springy or warm outside.  so even though im ready for some warm weather, ill take a few snow days with my sweetie if you please.