Eden is 1.5

eden is a year and a half today.  i have stopped doing monthly photos but i feel that one and a half years deserves a little nod and so i made an exception.  she loves wearing necklaces and has been obsessed with having a ziplock bag full of treasures lately, which she needed to have in the photos. she also would not look at me, so all those adoring gazes are aimed at daddy dearest.  
she is so big now, such a toddler.  i see such a contrast to herself at christmas.

i know that many of my posts have revolved around her recently, and i don't know what to say except that the rate at which she changes and grows and learns makes me feel like i have to write every day if i want to remember it.  here are some things i want to remember.

she is tickled to her toes when she sticks her fingers up my nose and i laugh.  its gross but then my laughing makes her want to do it again. and so on and on we go.
she says 'oh noooo' when something sad happens and she shrugs her shoulders and puts her hands palm up in question.

she says 'i nooooo' when she doesn't know the answer

she always wants to help me put my shoes on.  she puts them both by my feet and then tries to pick up one leg at a time to get my feet in the shoes.  then she claps for herself

she loves to take her socks off and put them on her hands. she thinks this is very amusing.

she loves to pretend to put make-up on me by holding out one hand and then dabbing her other hand into it and the patting it on my face.  i just about burst with happiness when she does that.

she loves her brown baby 'roo' and wants to kiss her head, pat her back, feed her the bottle, hug her.

she hugs the phone when she is face timing someone she loves and she pats the back of the phone like its the person's back.

she sits on her little potty and claps her hands to the potty song. she has successfully pooped and peed, so that is good.  she also tells me when she needs to go sometimes by doing the sign for pee.  i have not started training her in earnest (advise please!?!) but im glad she is more and more familiar with the idea and does not enjoy being wet or dirty.  she gets a raisin for sitting and she smiles her very biggest smiles when she is on the potty.

she finally has four teeth, the first one came in at 17 months.  she looks pretty darn cute and also so big now that her gummy smile is gone.  she also looks less like my grandmother now, which makes me sad.
when we are snuggling at night, just before bed, and she has her head on my shoulder, i put my face against hers.  and if i happen to lift up my face for any reason, her sweet little hand goes up to my face, and pushes my cheek back down so its back on her cheek.  i almost explode each time she does this and i have to try hard not to laugh out in joy.  can you die of too much love for your baby?

she is talking up a storm and i can't really keep track of all the new things she says.  i should write them down immediately.   

new words:

bed (bread)

lieeee (light)
peeta (please)
diepa (diaper)
pataaaayy (potty)
ehpay (airplane, which she exclaims excitedly any time she hears one)
boo (book)
beebee (baby)
snoooo (snow)
col (cold)
eva (evelyn)
mone (simone)

she can point to the following body parts: head, hair, cheeks, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, nose, belly, knees, legs, arms, hands, foot, bum, and shoulders.  she is pretty proud of herself.

she signs thank you every.single.time.you.do.anything.for.her.  its so sweet, but she wont stop signing it till you tell her she is welcome.  so she will be shouting 'mama mama mama' and ill look at her and she will sign it again and smile.  'you are welcome eden'.  

lastly, she loves the moon.  i mean, really loves it.  she is always looking for it in the sky and in any book we read.  recently i opened a book to read to her and she flipped frantically through the pages till she found the one with the moon and pointed to it with glee exclaiming 'moooooo'.  she loves that thing.
happy 1.5 deary