a weekend review and a simple dinner

i am blessed to have friends from nearly every stage of my life.  the friends ive known since we were in first or second grade, the friends i made in middle school, the friends i made on mission trips, my mom friends...and the friends i made in college. ashley is just such a friend and we have managed to stay in touch and visit each other with decent amounts of regularity since graduation, which is awesome because she is this incredibly smart, sarcastic, witty, spitfire of a Cardinals fan, and there is just no one else like her.  

so, agabas loaded up in the new honda odyssey (yay) and headed north to spend the weekend with her in the capital city.  and even though it was freezing, we headed over to the national zoo to show eden the sights and to spend some time catching up over the smell of elephant dung.  

it was too cold for the elephants to be outside, so we found them in their indoor lounge.  
after a few hours of monkeys, lemurs, meercats, elephants, zebras and cheetas...
she was pooped
we also visited a fantastic play ground that had a sound play area with chimes and a xylophone and some awesome drums.  oh and some swings that robert found were just the right fit 

we hurried back south in time to get pumped up for the big game which ended up not being so very big, but we had a great time fanning 

and lastly, while this has nothing to do with last weekend, i made it through to the end of this week with a simple trader joes dinner of pasta, meatballs from the frozen section that are SO good, and jarred bolognese sauce.  it was the bomb.com on a thursday night and eden also concurred.