watching you watching everything


you are such a delight to me.  i have always loved you and i will love you even when you don't feel like a delight.  but these days, im really feeling it.

you are the most fun thing to wake up to in the morning and the most precious thing to end my day with.  when i come get you from your crib you always look at me with a squinty sleepy smile.  i know you dont love waking up or getting out of your warm crib, but i love that your first instinct is to smile at me when i turn on the lights and call your name.  bam, instant joy in the morning.

you always take your socks off before you fall asleep.  and i always come in and put them back on your little feet while you are dreaming.  and they are always off again when i come to get you in the morning.

and when i get home from work or i pick you up, you run to me like you have been waiting all day.  i know in reality that you have been happily distracted all day and probably only just now remembered me, but i HAVE been waiting all day for this moment.  man, to be so loved by my baby.

and snow, that is a fun new thing.  you got to play in it for the first time the other day and you LOVED it...until you realized that is made you so very cold (see second video for this exact story line).  then it was all tears and drama until we went inside and you snuggled up with a blanket and took a nap on me.

and all day long is a stream of exclamations. 'snoooow' 'coooooold' 'mooooon' 'doggy' 'airpane' 'ball' 'milk' 'nana' 'liiieeght' 'car' 'pataaaay' 'bebe' 'oh nooooo'...and on and on it goes.  its incredible that something as common and unexceptional as a ball can stop you in your tracks and thrill you to your toes.  how i love to watch you watch...everything.

and when the day has come to an end and you ask me to turn off the light and wrap your arms around my neck for a few precious moments before pointing sleepily to your crib, my heart stops just a little bit and i feel myself wishing that nothing would ever change ever again. i cant think of anything that is as good as feeling your sweet little congested breath on my neck or your little fingers wrapped up in my shirt.

baby baby please stay my baby 


  1. LOL those videos are the best thing ever. I'm going to need to watch them a few more times...


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