please remember not to forget (part 4)

if i dont write these things down, they slip away from me so so quickly.  
so here is part four of my list of things to remember.
(photo credit to my dear friend christinewho has captured so many important agaba family moments)

1. when its bed time and eden is sitting on my lap snuggling, she does a little fake laugh, to make me laugh.  then when i laugh, she laughs a real laugh, and we continue giggling at each other until it eventually fades.  then eden does a fake laugh again...  we do this for five minutes at a time, just laughing.  her sweet little breath on my neck. i could just stay.  and stay.  and stay.

2.  eden has not mastered shaking her head when she does not want things, but she HAS mastered shaking her whole body no.  so when i ask her if she wants something, she shakes her whole self no.  its so funny people.

3.  eden still has no teeth, so she has this huge gummy smile that reminds me she is still my baby.  so much about her looks grown up to me.  but the gums still show her true baby colors.
4.  eden loves to shake it.  seriously, it can be the radio or a movie or a toy that has music or even just someone saying the word 'dance' and she is moving moving moving.  she gets a serious face on, her dance face, and she just wiggles around and throws her hands in the air.  i hope she always loves dancing cause the family that dances together sways together.

5.   she loves to bring books to me and sign please. yes peanut butter, i will read you that book for the 15th time tonight.  no problem.  
6.  she can crawl up on the futon and low furniture independently.  ill come around the corner and she will just be sitting on the futon.  'what's up mom?

7.   there is a photo of the three of us and my parents at the top of the stairs.  every time we ascend she points to it and pleases vigorously.  we go over and she points to each person, saying her version of their name.  'papa, gma,mama,dada,' and then she just laughs when she points to herself.  then she waives bye bye to the picture.  
8.  oh and dont forget the way that you clutch your chest to keep your heart from falling out when you peak in at her sleeping.  someone is carving out my insides with a spoon and i fall all to pieces.  oh the love that fills a mother's heart.  oh the wonder of it all.