thing one and thing two

when i woke up at my usual time this morning i was momentarily convinced, in the pre-dawn hours, that i had missed a change of the clocks because it was SO dark out and it could not possibly be time to wake up.  nope.  

you know its too cold and too dark to get up when your daughter, who has slept 12 + hours, stands up in her crib when you walk in, and then proceeds to collapse back on her fuzzy blanket and cover her eyes with her arm.  and does this several more times.  come on child, you have been asleep for twelve hours.  if you can't manage it, i certainly can't on 6 hours.  

thing one and thing two are always getting into something.  they especially seem to love getting under the wee table we have for them in the kitchen.  the pictures often come our blurry or underexposed because i don't have time to adjust anything before the moment is over and the two little miss busy pantses have moved on to the next thing.  ill settle for capturing it imperfectly so i can remember it.  

its the weekend so we can sleep in a bit, carve some pumpkins and dress these two up like little fluffy birds.