that day at the end of summer

its fall, and im all for fall, i am not complaining.  i love the colors and the crisp in the air that makes me feel like anything is possible. i love the leaves and the smells and the pumpkiny foods that i find excuses to make.  

BUT i always hate to see summer go.  the dewy skin and curly hair that are my constants in the humidity just disappear in the fall, and i miss them.  and i miss this summer in particular because i got to watch eden fall in love with summer.  she was never happier than when she was bathing suit-clad, outside, in the sun.  i loved doing summer with you little one. and its true, there are alot of things about fall and winter that i can't wait to do with you too. pumpkin picking and leaf crunching and snow playing and roasting chestnuts by a fire.  i won't go kicking and screaming from summer. ill go willingly

but this is one last attempt to savor the warmth and remember a great saturday spent eating chipotle at the park while daddy ran laps.  after his work out we let eden meander around and just followed, looking at the big world through her little eyes.
chipotle got a little messy, so she just rocked the bloomers 
farewell dear summer
hello fall