silly geese and co.

over the weekend we attended a pumpkin party for the littles.  martha and i decided to dress up thing one and thing two as the silly geese that they are.  we use this pattern with a few changes for their costumes and before we were done there were fluff and feathers  but it was worth it to see the 
littles all dressed up for the affair. 

when we arrived we were greeted by our mini hostess, a sweet little baa baa.  throughout the course of the day we were also joined by the tooth fairy, mama bear, indian-skelaton-horse and dino-riding heros, spiderman, and a ninja turtle. eden went bizzerk because the food table, complete with cookies and cheese cubes, was right at her level.  she ate somewhere between 3 and 8 cookies.  
it took me two days to detox her.  lesson learned.
if kids in costumes is not your thing, scroll no further.  
baby baa baa got one of eden's feathers stuck to her mouth. a day in the life of a sheep
simone was a mama bear and just about killed me
os and elijah the gallant and brave.  
it was difficult getting eden into the costume with all the fluff and feathers, 
but once in, i think she enjoyed it
photo cred below to christine who was our hostess  
and then there was our mini hero, fighting crimes and getting throughly passed around 
spider man carved a big bird pumpkin.  obvious choice
there was a wee tee-pee that the kids loved.  we attempted a mini group shot here
evelyn the glowing goose
a father and his goose
our lovely hostess
the men of the agabinson house
team agaba in a tee-pee.  photo cred again to christine 
a group shot after all the sugar was starting to make the little ones mad.  
notice my angelic goose in the back row.
done and done


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