whats bouncing around in my head

im so terribly behind on posting i don't know when ill ever catch up.  life seems to be going at a break necking pace even though i feel like im moving at the speed of molasses each day.  and im not at all inspired to write these days.  i am, however, feeling inspired to go to my bed, get in my bed, and proceed to stay there all day.  and im spending every spare moment i have working on knitting my very first baby blanket.  speaking of which, i learned that im not very wonderful at knitting.  its for a very special baby of a very special mama, so its more than worth my time.  but there is nothing that will make you feel like a sub par knitter like taking on a task that you are not skilled enough to accomplish.  so we will see how that goes.  its the thought that counts?

(as im recording the thoughts that are bouncing about in my head, here are a few 
of the many photos i want to share)
 eden and gwendolyn at the park 
the last few weeks have been a wonderful blur of visitors, squeezing every drop out of every beautiful fall day, knitting, cooking, drinking pumpkin smoothies each morning, and falling exhausted into bed each night, preparing to do it all again the next day.

also you know how you have long term to do lists and short term ones.  the short term ones usually get done in my world, but the long term ones seem to camp out forever.  if its not necessary this moment, i don't do it.  so somethings just start to grey and wrinkle waiting to get checked off.

my long term to do list currently includes
-make year 4 album (we are well into year 5 so i am very behind)
-edit a ton of photos
-write, blog, post
-finish album of my pregnancy
-switch our banking services
-read several books including one on network marketing 
-make eden's swan costume for a pumpkin carving party (this has been on the long term list for a while but the necessity of completing it before the party this weekend is about to move it to the 'do it right now' list)
-become a better baker and more imaginative cook

and ill finish this random stream of consciousness with pictures from the week my friend amanda was here visiting.  eden got to check out the animals at a local park and her pointer finger got its fare share of use.  so did her 'o' shaped expression!  
 she closed her eyes before i could snap it, but this expression accompanied by 'ooos' and 'ahhhs' had me enraptured
 emily and eden
we loved having you here amanda!


  1. Yay post!! Love your to do list and it's so precious to see Eden fascinates by the animals....


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