eden says

eden is talking alot these days.  sentences for hours, telling me everything.  except most of it is not understandable to the adult ear.  lots of excited sounds and babbling, but still mostly gibberish.   She does, however, have a handful of words that she says fairly regularly. 
she likes to find the moon in the sky and the point and shout moon- 'mooooo'.  robert taught her that trick.
she also loves to shout please, 'beeeeea', from her crib
she sees a cat - 'ka'
or i tell her to go to the car and she repeats 'ka'
'uh-oh' is her go to for anything dropping
she says both mama and dada to the appropriate parent AND as random babble words
when she is all done eating - 'ah duh'
when we facetime my parents 'ga-ma' and 'pa-pa'
i ask 'eden who made you'? 'ga' (God) is her response
at the end of every prayer 'mayyyyyy meh' in place of amen
'eden do you want a banana?' i ask?  'nananana' she replies
she also lifts up her shirt any time i ask for her belly and tries to tickle robert if she ever sees his.  last night i asked for hers, then she pointed to dada so he showed his belly, then she pointed to me so i showed mine.  it came full circle 
she can also show me, upon request, her ear, mouth and nose.  
she also points to other people's noses alot. 
when we hear birdies in a tree or flying overhead she shouts out 'bir' and points as hard as she can.  the same thing happens with a plane but she does not have a word yet there so she just points.
she also loves to put shoes on, even thought she cant actually do it yet.  I say 'eden on your bum, put your shoes on' and she tries her best.  last night she brought me, in turn, each pair of her shoes for me to put on her.  she is her mama's daughter in that regard.  
i love me some footwear.

she is growing faster than i can reconcile with so im just trying to 
hang on and not miss a beat.