a quintessential fall outing

there have been a few moments of time recently where i am able to stop, step back, and marvel at the beauty that is my life.  these moments are rare because they require space and room and time, but this weekend i was allotted all of these and so i did just that.  i waited and i watched and i marveled.  

it was a late afternoon potluck in a wide open space, not just emotionally wide open but physically wide open, which seem to go hand in hand more often than not.  it was flannel and chili and cornbread and popcorn and kids with glow sticks attached to them so the dark darkness of the country would not envelope them as they ran wild.  it was the campfire and the smell of cigars.  the seeing many familiar faces and meeting some new faces too.  it was warm, even though it was cold.  and it was the perfect cure to whatever it was i had. it was seeing my husband come alive as he returned to the feel of his childhood, free and open and full of neighbors.  it was watching eden follow the big kids around and become adventurous enough to stray a little ways away.    
eden got to spend time with her godmother, sarah.  sarah took the photo below.  i adore it
gearing up for soccer
little people need to access the food table too people
luke rumbled with the ground
 happy girl eating popcorn
eden with faith on the left and with heather, who watches her thrice a week, on the right
she looks huge to me here on a little atv
 team agaba

this weekend also boasts a pumpkin party with ridiculously cute kiddos all dressed up.  
stay tuned