please remember not to forget (part 3)

dear self, 
please remember these little bits of nothing that make up all your memories of eden.  these are listed in no particular order. 

eden loves to dance/shake/shimmy.  we do regular dance parties and this happens.  
she loves to talk to animals.  real conversations, with facial expressions and hand motions and everything. what is she saying? please be mine. please let me smell you.  please understand me because the big humans dont.  who knows?

oh and have i mentioned that she loooooves her daddy?  i mean she likes me, and gets that i feed her and all, but she adores him.  first thing in the morning, dada.  last thing at night, dada.  and every other moment in between, dada.  
yeah melt my heart into a puddle on the ground.  these two.
she is so stinking social.  i think the ultimate sorrow in her little mind is to be excluded from...anything where there are humans.  she just loves looking at people, talking to people, playing peekaboo, sitting around a fire pit.  oh and she loves the radabaughs, i think she has a crush on jeremiah. he has a way with the one year old ladies. 
the vast majority of the time, she is smiling.  big gummy smiles because she still has no teeth going on 14 months.  im sure they will come.

i found myself laughing out loud in bed last night because i was picturing one of eden's facial expressions.  i can't describe it but ill get a picture one of these days.  

she signs please and thank you and all done and eat and waives goodbye.  oh and she will high five until your hand falls off.  anyone want to teach her a new trick, you would be more than welcome! 
my cup runneth all the way over


  1. She is SUCH a joy. This morning I kept watching her eat her food, even the way she chews is adorable!

    1. Christine I think the way she chews is SO stinking cute


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