please remember not to forget (part 2)

eden is growing so quickly now that i can hardly process and marvel over a new skill or habit before the next one comes along and makes my head spin.  there are so many things i need to remind myself to remember
-the noises i overhear when robert is changing her diaper in her nursery.  she always laughs and chats with him happily.  its an every day thing, but its beautiful and perfect.  

-the way that i am always SO ready for her to go down for a nap or for bed, but then almost immediately i am filled with regret and i want to go right back in and wake her up. sometimes i go get her and hold her.  those moments make me feel like i am holding everything with my two arms.  like i am embracing my whole life.  i thought to myself that one day she will not let me do this anymore, and one day my arms will ache to hold her and she will be too big or too far away.  so i never feel bad about going and getting her and holding her just one more time. or even once more.

-the way she points at something and signs 'please' furiously.   she knows what she wants and she knows how to ask for it and it works.

- the silly expressions she gets on her face when something, like a sound or taste or texture, surprises her.  she makes a little o with her mouth and raises her eyebrows. and wiggles her head around. i die.

-now that she knows how to point to something and say please, she has added her own personal touch which is sqwaking while she points.  i hate don't love it.  i am trying to teach her to say mama instead of sqwaking.  but when i look back on a day its all her noises that i hear in my head.  and it sounds like life with a one year old. so maybe that's ok.

-how she smiles at me with her pacifier in her mouth when i walk into her room after the night or a nap. i feel like the most special person in the universe because she is aiming that smile at me. maybe she is just glad cause she is getting out of the cage and onto the boob, or maybe that little heart really does just love me alot. maybe a bit of both.
-i love watching her play.  she can stay occupied for a really long time, especially if we are outside and there is dirt/stick/anything on the ground that she can get into her grabby little hands.  i felt like when she noticed me watching her above, she was like 'do you mind?  im playing here'.

its almost friday which means its almost time for me to have a weekend with my babe.  and that sounds mighty fine.