mr. and mrs. haun; the rehearsal dinner

ok i know this post is dropping over a month after the wedding, but this summer has been crazy folks.  so, without any further delay...

i went home in july for many reasons, but the primary one was for the wedding of a life long friend.  brittany and i have been friends since first grade and she was in my wedding four years ago.  it was a huge joy and honor to be able to stand along side her this summer.

the rehearsal dinner was a backyard kind of thing, all beautifully lit and soft.  

the dads doing the dad thing
robert and the bride
kristina (7 months pregnant) and peter 
 the maids
brittany&colin, robert&me, kristina&peter, julie&jabob
all the girls pictured here have been friends since elementary school and we have all four been in all four weddings
wedding post on deck


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