on four years

today is the four year anniversary of our wedding.  
july 24 of 2010 was 107 degrees with insane humidity.  but i did not really notice.  my bridesmaids were dropping like flies but i think i was in my own world with robert and i felt weightless and wispy and like everything but us was distant and a little hazy (i guess the haze was the steam from the pavement).  i really had no idea what i was getting into; i just knew that i loved robert, that he challenged me and made me want to be more like Jesus, and that he was tall, dark and handsome.  
four years in we have broken in our marriage a bit, bent it and shaped it and its feeling pretty comfortable now.  there were places where things did not quite fit at first like my stubbornness and his pride.   and many things were uncomfortable like the way that he made me realize that i love being right, all the time, and i think that i usually am (that one still feels uncomfortable more often than i would like).  and we have had to deal with the ebb and flow of realizing over and over again that we cannot do this on our own and then thinking that we could, and then realizing that we can't. 
at four years i am feeling like i made the right call saying yes to this one.  i am learning, still learning, how to be a wife that will honor and bless her husband rather than nag and curse. i am still learning how i fit into this role and how the parts of me that don't want to comply need to be adjusted and brought into line.
it has not been easy but it has been worth it.  worth every bit.
Im down for another four, or forty, or more.