Reboot, three weeks in

alright so three weeks done, one to go.  i still feel awesome and have noticed that i am more energetic even without taking our energy fizz sticks.  my huge victory of the week was that i had put away all of my favorite summer dresses into storage a few weeks ago because i was sure i would not be able to wear any of them at all this summer.  but then i decided this week to go get them and just see if one or two would fit and....drumroll....nearly all of them do.  and they don't just technically fit on me, they actually look good!  so, that was a huge win.  i have my summer wardrobe back.  on and i also went to the pool and, for this first time since eden, felt great wearing a suit.  i am also back in my favorite pants from anthro.  i may or may not have done a 'im wearing my favorite pants' dance in the kitchen this morning.  there is no  proof that it happened. but it may have.  

total weight loss: -10lbs
total girth loss:  - 7 inches around my waist 
favorite snack thus far: not going to lie ive been lazy on the snacks because i am so busy.  so i found a few i like, and i stick to those.  nuts, apples and almond butter, rice crisps, sweet potato cubes.
feeling: fantastic.  get out of me toxins. get away from me lack of self-control.  im back in charge of my body now. 
favorite meal thus far:  this almond flour and quinoa encrusted chicken with marinara sauce.  are you kidding me?  it was delicious.  i am feeding three other adults all the meals i make and this one was a big hit, so these recipes are great for the whole family.  
favorite shake recipe: vanilla protein, green apple, flax seeds...mind blown.
milk supply: still great, better than when i started actually
realizations:  i am not going to dread the way i look in the wedding im in next month.  im going to feel confident in my skin.
favorite quote from our leader (in the secret facebook group that we all join together for solidarity): do not reward yourself with food:  you are not a dog.

i have one more week to go and i just cannot believe how different i feel/look/think.  food is not lording over me, i am in charge.  and it feels the very best.