on fathers

i have an incredible father
i mean really.  stop you in your tracks, knock your socks off, fantastic.
he is super smart, easy to talk to, friendly, genuine, and he loves people so so well.
and growing up (and even now still) i idolized him. 
dad, i love you and am so thankful that i am your daughter.
i have always wanted a husband who would be a father like you.
i can't say i wanted him to wear shorts like you though dad.  cause...wow. but other than the shorts, i was hoping he would have alot in common with you
when i met robert, and as i came to love him, one of the things i always knew was that he would be a great father.  he loves children, he thinks child-like things are funny (and i mean that as a compliment), he laughs and loves to play.  he is fiercely loyal and protective.  even when i was pregnant with eden, he was already so concerned for her well being.  he wanted me to make sure what i was eating was good for her and that nothing had side effects (which he says adorably with his accent).  and ever since she was born, they have a special relationship.  i know alot of men don't love the newborn stage, but he always wanted to hold her, carry her, show her off...so proud and full of joy because of his daughter.  he always double checks her after i put her to bed, to make sure i dressed her warm enough or cool enough or that she is covered up.  he wants to carry her in public so that he can show her to people and enjoy all the compliments that come her way.  
and i have always loved robert, but its different now.  its so different right?  watching the man you love love the baby you love?  oh man if i could bottle that feeling and take a shot of it every day when im at work and missing them both.  
watching the man you love sleep with the baby you love? 
and he always talked, and talked, and talked about how he would be the tough guy.  he would lay down the law with his kids.  and i think he will...with our sons.  but with eden, its a different story.  he goes from tough to putty in about three and a half seconds.  
he loves carrying, and throwing, her around
happy father's day robert.  im so glad to celebrate you today! 


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