how we do it at agabinson house

its been a month now since we moved in with one of my best friends and her family.  and there are so many things i can say.

1.  it is so different.  my day used to end with me picking up eden, coming home and playing quietly with her until i fed her dinner, then a bath, then bed.  robert came home and i made us dinner.  and then i did whatever i needed to do to make the next day happen.  NOW, when i get home there are always people.  sometimes its the people who live here, sometimes there are other people here too.  i walk in with eden, evelyn and her squawk and wave back and forth with delight to see their friend, simone comes running up in a ballet tutu, a dog we are house sitting bounds up.  the opposite of quiet.  but i am learning to really love coming home here, love seeing the life that is bursting out of every corner of the house. its loud though people.  note to self, get some rugs.  
 we are keeping target up and up brand diapers in business
2.  i only cook three nights a week.  are you getting this?  i only have to make dinner thrice, and that's it.  the other three nights i come home and dinner is on the table.  its like having a wife.  (sorry if that offends you, i know wives are not the only ones who cook.  but in my house, thats how it usually happens).  and agabas are only responsible for dishes three nights a week.  if you cook, the other family cleans and vice versa.  sunday is a free for all.  its so wonderful to only have to shop for, plan, and make three meals a week.  and on that note, i spend about the same amount of money as i did before on food because on my three nights, i make what i want to make/can afford.  

3.   i get to talk to one of my best friends alot.  we don't meet up at can can for coffee and petit baguettes anymore, but we do get to really talk through things in real time, as they happen.  i especially value this because martha is an incredible person to watch respond to life.  she does not just appear to handle things with grace, dignity, and in a Godly fashion...that is actually how she handles things as they hit her, in real time.  what a daily challenge it is to see such a woman of God in close quarters.  what a blessing for me.  

4.  it is so much fun to watch the three littles play with each other.  especially since eden is an only child at the moment, its great to have built-in playmates!  

this is how you watch all three of them at once when you are the only grown-up in the house..

and watching these two chat with each other is pure entertainment 

we had a back yard barbecue one night around the fire pit and we strapped the girls into the double stroller to keep them content and easy to watch.  there were getting so hungry watching the men roast meat, evelyn decided to take a bite at eden.  she did not like it.
 that was followed swiftly by a hand-to-face 'get over it'.  
eden was incredulous.  'how could you?'
don't worry, they made up
martha with our little loves.  she is such a wonderful mother, 
i am learning so much watching her in real time.  
eden and evelyn you might not remember this experience when you are older, but i promise i will have taken enough pictures so that you never forget it!