that time we went to pennsylvania and back in a day

the pastor from the church that robert grew up in was visiting some friends near lancaster this weekend, which is just under four hours away from richmond. so, of course, we decided that agabas should hit the road and go greet our pastor.

we saw some dear friends, who attended our wedding and were visiting us the day i went into labor with eden.  we had a quick lunch and then played for an hour or so at their house before about-facing back to rva.  eden had a great time with the kids and stood a couple of times for a few seconds.  it was a whirlwind of a trip but worth every moment, and the rides to and fro were fun and full of good music and family time. 
 wera and eden had a great time together and wera was determined to get eden standing as much as possible.  eden was so proud of herself

mucyo tossed eden to and fro and she loved it
lured her over with the keys
 you know you are thinking of lion king, admit it
keza and christine also got some time with the baby


  1. wow i can't believe you guys made that trip in one day! it looks like it was worth it; eden got so much love!


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