that time i joined arbonne

hi reading friends.  for those of you who frequent this blog, you know that i am a wife, mother, teacher, friend, daughter, amateur party planner, singer of songs, writer of blogs, taker of photos.  i wear many hats.  and i would not add another hat to this already crowded list if i were not absolutely convinced that it is meaningful, valuable and worth my time.

so, when i tell you that i have become a consultant for an incredible skin care and nutrition company, you will know that it is because i find it SO meaningful, SO valuable and yes, SO worth my time.    

arbonne is a company, started and formulated in switzwerland, that believes we should not put anything ON our bodies that we would not want IN our bodies, since our skin is our largest organ and what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream very quickly.  we follow europen union standards, which means that there are 1400 ingredients that are banned from use in any of our products (less than 10 of these are banned in the u.s. by the way). we are botanically based and beautifully clean.  

and not only are all our formal stats great (we outperform our competitors and do it in a healthier way) but my own personal experience has been amazing.  i became my sister's client earlier this year and tried a few products out after hosting a party and earning a bunch of free products (really sweet deal).  the skin care regimen i have adopted has literally changed my life-long-problem-skin into glowing and clear and beautiful.  people, ive had zits since middle school ( i know, i swore id never mention those years again...too painful) and now i don't have them anymore.  my husband comments over and over again about how my skin (which he had frequently made negative comments about before) looks so good. 

not only that, but our products last for a heck of a long time.  you see most companies create their product and then add in fillers so that they can make the quantities look bigger, when they are, in fact, less effective.  so you have to keep buying more and more, and using alot.  but i use a dime size amount of my facial cleanser twice a day and it has lasted me almost four months. and the moisturizer is getting close to six months.  so it is worth the purchase, because it lasts and lasts.  

and im excited because arbonne give me choices and opens doors for future career and lifestyle changes.  i want to be able to stay home with my kids, home school them, be able to travel with them and show them the world.  arbonne makes those goals seem a bit more realistic.  i am really excited, although im very nervous because this feels like a very big step.

because this is my first month and i am really excited to introduce you to the products i love, i am running a few specials that i would love to tell you about!  please let me know if you are interested! 

so.  check us out.  ask me questions.  get to know arbonne.  i promise it will be meaningful, valuable, and worth your time! 

here goes! 


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