congratulations robert: part two

we went out for delicious and entertaining hibachi at kobe.  steve and melissa joined us, as did my mother.  eden was fascinated by the fire and the busyness going on on the grill and she ate her weight's worth in rice and sauteed zucchini. it felt great to be celebrating with some of the people who have been so integral to robert's success.  steve, melissa and my mother have prayed and encouraged robert all the way through his years of university.  it was so wonderful to have this meal with them.  we missed the rest of my family who were unable to be in town.  

my photos from inside did not really turn out...
it was a beautiful spring night in richmond 
eden loves melissa
steve and robert are an odd and hilarious pair, but they are such great friends 
a daddy and his daughter.  eden has been so much motivation for robert to work hard.
so glad gramma j was in town