agabinson house

for the past four years the agaba family has resided in a tiny snug apartment boasting just over 600 square feet.  it was always just right for our family, but it has also been very tight.  i have not been able to host in any real way, we did not have a guest room, the laundry machines and the fridge and the dishwasher all took up the same small bit, and we had no storage.  i have been saying for a long time that i would love a little more space for our family and finally that is happening.  

except that its not a little more space, its ALOT more space

and its not just our family...

we are moving into a huge house with one of my best friends, martha, and her family (husband and two daughters). 

ok let me answer the first questions that are popping into your brains.

no, its not a duplex, its one big house.

no, i have never done anything like this before.

no, this is not an episode of sister wives, even though my husband is rwandan.  

yes, we are sharing a kitchen

yes, we plan to do meals together as much as we can

yes, there will be three little girls under the age of 2.5

yes, we know its crazy

but we are excited and ready to learn and grow together.  we are excited to depend on each other and rely on each other.  we are excited to watch our girls roam around on the beautiful hardwood floors together and play in the gigantic back yard.  we are prepared to learn more about ourselves, our sin, and our great savior who makes us family.  

yes, we are sad to leave behind the familiar walls and floors and corners that we have filled with so much life and love.  

but we are ready.

stay tuned.  im sure this will entertain...


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