what 8 months looks like

eden is changing and growing every day.  literally every day i feel like she does something else for the first time and i am making unending mental notes to remember everything forever.  i have a little calendar that hangs on the wall next to her changing table and i write one thing about every day.  some of them are really big things for which there are stickers, like 'stands up' (which she did this month and continues to do all.the.time) and some of them are just little bits like 'so much sqwaking'.  some of them are precious like 'sweet to mama all day' and some are more for documenting reality like 'huge blowout, had to throw onesie away'.   
new in the last month:  she has added brussels sprouts, carrots, kiwi, broccoli, and plum to her repertoire of foods.  she loves to gnaw on a good piece of celery.  ive also been trying to add flavor and texture by not really pureeing as thoroughly  and adding things like onions, garlic, ghee, and coconut oil to her foods.  she loves to eat and i dont see that changing.  
she pulls up to standing all the time and has remained standing without holding on to anything for a few second here or there.  she seems very surprised by this and falls down almost immediately.  she is pretty tough.  she bonks alot with all this new trial and error that accompanies increased mobility and she rarely cries.  i think that being the youngest in a house of 8 older kids all day has made her tough.  oh and im sure robert would like to claim that it is her rwandan roots.  

she is also SO social. i  love taking her to the grocery store because she smiles at anyone who starts talking to her.  i feel like we are a little show that goes on the road and i love it.  she is so much fun to run errands with and i talk to her and sing to her as we walk around.  also sometimes she grabs my tanktop (because she flaps her hands around and grabs everything...we are working on that) while im reading the label of a pesto jar at trader's and pulls it clean down to my belly button before i have a chance to stop her.  sometimes when she does this there are seven people within a five foot radius of me because i decided to go to traders on the weekend (bad idea).  and sometimes i just dont care all that much cause its just my bra and i am a mom and i dont have the time or energy to be embarrassed.

anyways she is a delight and she keeps me on my toes and, as you can see from the photos, she is very very busy.  

i feel like she is doing the twist in the first photo. and for some reason she had her tongue out for most of these.  it was impossible to get one of her just laying there with the number.  she was rolling over, sucking on the chalk board, climbing the stairs.  phew, i needed a break after snapping just a few photos.  
oh and i love this photo below.  i feel like she is saying 'im gonna be gone in a flash if you turn your head.'  let me tell you, she ain't bluffing.  


  1. Haha! I love the little stories and truly that is exactly what she is saying in that last photo


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