i feel the weekend lingering (part 2)

on sunday robert, eden and i hung out outside for very many minutes and enjoyed the smiles of passers by and the conversations with our neighbor kids.  eden loves dogs and she does this flapping excited thing with her arms whenever any approach.  side note: i think she loves dogs too much. when gypsie, the dog who is with her all day at daycare, licks her face..she puts her tongue out.  

i am committed to capturing every sunlit moment i can during these next few months so that the photos can keep me warm when a cold season inevitably comes around again.  i can almost smell the day when i look back at these photos.  sweaty little girl rolls.  sidewalk chalk.  freshly blossomed flowers.

oh yes this weekend is still lingering.  
i love her face in the above photo
 ohhhhhhhhh the rolls 
she loved flying through the air with daddy 
playing with the neighbor girls, violet and lillian
 walking on daddy's feet. her tongue in the middle one.
headed home after a delightful afternoon  


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