i feel the weekend lingering (part 1)

this past weekend was just one of those that is full of everything good and nothing bad at all. from the time work ended on friday until i fell into bed sunday night, it was sheer delight and respite and joy and leisure.

as soon as work ended i took eden to hang out at ur for a bit and see some of the college girls i mentor.  we sat on a grassy hillside and chatted with passers by.  sunshine, frozen yogurt,happiness.

on friday we had a bohnanza game night.  bohnanza is my new favorite game and i think its the best party game ever because 1. you get to be active during everyone's turn so you don't get bored and 2. its a strategy game but you can totally chat through it so you can still have tangential conversations that are un-game-related.  we had a really fun night drinking wine, eating popcorn and chocolate, and throwing beans cards left and right.  highly recommended.
on saturday morning i played leisurely with eden and watched her experiment more and more with standing.  she is growing before my eyes.
and then we welcomed my college friends teal and rusty for lunch.  teal was my first friend at college and robert and i got to attend their wedding a year ago.  this little lady was still cooking then.  

then saturday afternoon robert and i got to meet owen, the brand new son of one of my life long friends (i am named after her mother).  

then we met up with friends to buy baby clothes for baby capehart, arriving in august.  we picked through clothes at a cute children's consignment store and then at a grown-ups consignment store.  man shopping looks alot different these days.  
afterward we stuffed our faces with dinner at mellow mushroom.  

sunday was church, naps, an afternoon outdoors and dinner at the dining hall at ur.  ill include photos of those in the next post.

you know you did a weekend right when the following week is not so bad because the weekend is still lingering in your bones.  


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! I did too because I got to see you all :) Loved our visit!

  2. This was truly a gloriously full and lovely weekend... I hope there are more carytown meetups in our future!


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