from dawn till dusk

so eden is almost eight months old and i thought i would record, even if only for my sake, what her life is like these days.  many of my posts are more for my own sake so that i can look back and remember how each stage felt.  so this is how a day in the life goes for us at almost 8 months.

i wake up at around 6.  sometimes eden is awake by now, sometimes she is still sleeping.  but she rolls around and talks to herself until 7 when i go get her.  until then i get dressed, make coffee, put everything by the door (everything is packed from the night before which is a crucial piece), and get her breakfast ready.

when i go get her i sing my goodmorning song and she greets me with a big smile and lifts her hands up to me.  i pick her up and we open the curtains.  i feed her and she coos and babbles between eating.  i love this time of the morning, these special quiet moments of just us.  i wish we could linger, but we have to get out the door. she talks happily as we head downstairs.
we do breakfast quickly and she makes the most adorable noises while slurping her food off the spoon.  she smiles at me as i pretend to eat her food.  i hope she thinks im funny.

then we head upstairs and i dress and change her before ducking in to say good morning to daddy. if we are doing well she spends about five minutes with him before we head out the door at 7 30.  
sometimes robert helps me out the door and that is so great.  sometimes its me, the diaper bag, her food bag, my purse, my lunch, my bag for pumped milk, my coffee and eden...we go.

i drop her off at day care just before 8.  sometimes its not so hard to leave her, sometimes i just hate it.

all day long i think about her, pump twice, call once to check on her.

i pick her up at around 4 15 and either head home, to run errands (which i LOVE cause its so fun to have her as my sidekick while doing things), or (these days) to sit somewhere outside.  these days we both want to be outside so we sit outside and watch cars, which she loves, or go to campus at ur and student watch.  she is never ever grumpy when she is outside.  its the instant cure to her badittude.  

eventually i start dinner and she either plays happily or crawls around whining and clinging to my feet: depend on how her day has gone.  i feed her dinner at 5:30 at the table and she sits in her chair while i eat my dinner (daddy is often not home yet).  i give her a bath most nights because she loves it and she is usually pretty grumpy for the last hour of her day and the bath calms her down.

i breastfeed her a little more, change her and talk/read to her for a few minutes just before bed.  i put her down at 7, she whimpers for a second or two and then does something resembling this for a few minutes to wind down.  she usually passes out cold by 7 15 or so.  

i spend the rest of the evening cleaning up dinner (or eating if that did not happen yet), prepping her food and milk for the next day, packing lunches, pumping, and doing any other chores or things on my list.  just before bed i sneak into her room, scoop her up and put her on for a few minutes again.  she is not hungry and does not need this little snack, but since i pump all day i need a little extra time with her to keep my milk supply up.  i just LOVE this time when she sleepy flops around and sighs the sweetest sighs. i hold her for a few minutes after she is done, just praying for her and enjoying her sweet breath on my neck.  back to the crib and off to dream land for both of us. she'll stir once a night on occasion, but goes right back down.

and then its morning again before its physically possible.   


  1. You do wonderful beautiful work! The day to day grind is so hard, but there are some really gorgeous life giving moments throughout it all. God is so good!

  2. I hope you do more posts like these; I like getting a peek into your day to day!


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