an oud and a djembe

on saturday i was planning on walking to a local playground with my beautiful saudi neighbor, ghadeer, and her daughter eleen.  i have really enjoyed getting to know these two.  ghadeer is beautiful and graceful and eleen is a plup little morsel of a baby.  neither of our husbands were going to come with us because they are both students and were in the midsts of finals.  however, both of the guys ended up outside with their respective instruments of choice, and we were the delighted audience in a cross-cultural spring lawn concert.  hopefully the first in a series.  it sounded like the middle east with an african beat, i was into it.  various passers by and neighbors stopped and listened and chatted for a few minutes here and there.  it felt like a neighborhood on a sunny day is supposed to.  (feeling sad to be moving....more on that later).  
eden relaxing and listening to the oud 
each daughter looked adoringly at her daddy and responded to the familiar sounds with little head and body bobs
ghadeer and eleen
rolls exploding everywhere 


  1. get those rolls under control!!!! too cute, my niece, too cute.

  2. i wish i was there! those little girls are so precious, i love the one of them checking out their dads on the instruments


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