when nelsons come to town

last weekend my sister and her husband and their daughter came to town for the weekend.  we all lived on top of each other since we have 635 square feet to our name.  its always a crazy wonderful chaotic when then come and its just the kind of lift i needed after a long cold winter.  the weather was delightful and we took a stroll through cary town on saturday, stopping in ashby and clover, two consignment stores.  we also played more than our fair share of bohnanza, our new favorite game.  

ashby has this awesome teal piano 
robert was trying to find just the right shirt
robert could not get enough of florence.  #ebonyandivory

my sister is an arbonne rep and we had a little product party on saturday.  it was alot of fun and i was so excited to get to introduce my richmond friends to the products ive come to love.  here and here is more information about that if you are interested. my friend martha hosted the party and it was delightful.

the guys helped us wrangle all the girls before the party
 evelyn is eden's bff
we sure love florence


  1. sounds like such a lovely weekend! love that last photo of you two

    (i had originally commented not knowing my sister was still signed in, so that's what that is above)

  2. There's just so much love in all these memories and relationships! The infinite nature of love and our ever growing capacity to give and receive it never ceases to amaze me. I just love your growing family and that I get to be a part of it, kind of :)


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