hello seven

where did you come from?  seven already?
maybe i am caught off guard by this one because everything else about this winter has seemingly gone by so slowly (like molasses in, well, wintertime) but i can't believe we are at seven months already.
robert and i were just musing the other day about how she is transforming into a little girl before our eyes.  we were driving in the car and robert asked me 'what is your favorite thing she does?'  the little noises she makes while im feeding her have got to be up there.  especially the first feeding of the morning.  she has her hand on my breast, seemingly marking her territory, and she babbles happily about whatever is on her mind.  she give me goofy smiles and talks to me like i can really understand her.  i think i can.  when i asked robert the same question he said its going to get her out of her crib.  or the noises she makes when she is playing contently. we decided that they are kinda like squawks. squawk talk.  
she is learning to obey in a few small ways, which is exciting.  she is also moving everywhere.  her crawl is neither graceful nor fluid but she can get to wherever she wants to go (which is increasingly where i do not want her to go).    
she loves to eat grass. the few times the weather has been warm enough to warrant it, i have laid on a blanket with my baby and soaked up the sun.  and she will do anything within her power to get to the edge of the blanket, get a fistful of whatever is growing, and shove it in her mouth before i can stop her.  robert always says a little dirt is good for her.  what about alot of dirt?  
she loves to eat food too.  she is a great eater and she gets really excited when its meal time. she has eaten the following thus far: egg, rice, oats, banana, zucchini, pear, apple, yellow squash, butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, green beans, freeze dried mango and fresh mango.  i think pear and zucchini are her favorites.  she has also learned to suck on a piece of dried mango and gum it till it gets all mushy.  she cant really pick up food and get it in her mouth yet because she palms it and then seemingly forgets how to open her fist.  she just rams her hand into her mouth and can't get the food in there.  its pretty pathetic cute.  
seven months of sweetness