every day a new thing

eden loves holding, chewing, pulling and figuring out new things.  she can and will get ahold of of anything in her perimeter and put it directly...you guessed it...in her mouth.  garbage, shoes, toes, cords...if she can grab it, its fair game.  she also always ends up under things.
i recently realized that i have almost no toys for her.  i have lots of stuffed animals and balls, books galore and a few little plastic rings, but no real toys that wont get soggy when she inevitably puts them in her mouth (we have alot of soggy stuffed animals around here).  

i went to target to try and find some but everything there was flashy and plastic and did not look like it could withstand her rough not very gentle style of play. i mentioned to my incredibly thoughtful mother that i wanted to buy some wooden blocks for eden to play with. a few days later what do you know? a box showed up on my doorstep with blocks for the baby. (disclaimer: i realized very quickly that, due to her fall frequency rate (FFR), putting out too many blocks means that she will fall and land on those sharp corners.  so i usually just give her one or two to play with at a time.  you live you learn)

thanks gramma j