when half of me is gone

(in advance i warn you that this post is mostly photos.  i so often feel unable to put words to the special moments i have with my dear ones and so i show you how it felt instead of trying to explain it.  hopefully these photos help you feel the special nature of so many of my recent moments)

robert was out of the country for about two weeks visiting his family in rwanda and so eden and i were on our own.  it felt like half of me was gone.  our little family of three had a gaping hole in it.  
it was not great.  

thankfully i packed my schedule full of friends and family so that i would not have to spend too much time being lonely. 

here are a few photo highlights from our time while he was gone.  

christine and sloane stopped by for dinner one night, along with elizabeth.  the. best. chicken.ever.  thank you elizabeth!  

then eden and i hung out in the sunshine one day.  i wanted to enjoy a rare bit of warmth.  eden wanted to eat the grass.

i also went to my grandmother's house and met up with sister and her family. the whole weekend was full of relaxing, cooking, holding babies, eating grandmom's sweets, watching duke and just having quality time with my family. i seize every opportunity to get our littles together.

elise, adam and eden had lots of sweet moments together.   

there is nothing like watching your sister hold your baby.  
except for holding your sister's baby...

grandmom set up some play space for the girls.  elise and i have dubbed the girls frenzy and tizzy and even though elise will tell you that eden constantly tried to eat florence's face, it looks to me like florence was in control of the situation.

grandmom sure knows how to love on our babies.  it fills me with inexpressible contentment to see eden and florence in her arms.  what a great lady.

i love the nelsons and love very chance to be with them. 
isnt my sister such a pretty mama? i love florence's face on the right!



  1. Eden looks like SUCH a big girl sitting up like that..! And you and your sister (and your babes) are adorable together..

  2. i love the one of the nelsons in the kitchen...lookin like such a family, that one and then the one of elise and florence nesting on Adam's lap. so so cute. sisters, nieces, aunties, cousins... oh my life is good.


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